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Fold Away Bunks Are Perfect For Small Spaces

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Nowadays, space-saving in the home is crucial. In a world where living conditions are getting smaller, saving space in the home is not only practical but necessary and multi-purpose furniture has become a must-have.

Whether you live in a small flat or house, or you just want to fully utilise every square inch of your home, furniture that serves two or more purposes, or gives you just that extra bit of much-needed storage space, is an overall great way to save space in your home.

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a very common and well-known type of bed and is especially beneficial for growing families that have two or more children near in age, allowing for more than one child to occupy a space that would usually only allow for one.

A standard bunk bed is comprised of two beds stacked on top of each other with a built-in ladder or steps to access the higher bed. Most bunk beds are twins but in some cases, the lower bed can be a double bed or a futon-type sofa that can be pulled out into a bed.

Fold Away Bunk Beds

This style of Bunk Bed takes space saving to the next level. Brilliantly engineered to tuck and fold away, these bunks are a parent’s solution to a child’s room and play area. The Fold Away Bunks are easy and simple to lower and raise from the wall. Purchasing a bunk bed to fit your space just got a whole lot better!

Fold Away Bunk Beds give you even more room for your kids to play. Simply fold away the bunk beds when they are not in use to make way for a play area or make room for homework/study.

It is definately a cheaper option than building an extra room to accomodate another addition to the family or for your guests.

Our Solution - Our Fold Away Bunk Beds.

The Compact Fold-Away Wall Bunk Beds are just over 1 foot in-depth, yet open to 2 proper single beds. The contemporary design is sleek and flush. When the beds are folded away, a desk folds out, which makes it perfect to use in the guest bedroom/study.

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